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Protesters may burn tires

Protesters may burn tires, throw rocks and Molotov cocktails, engage in the destruction of private and public property and detonate small improvised explosive devices during demonstrations. Police response may include the use of water cannons and tear gas.

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Every day, throughout western New York ambulances arrive at emergency rooms like the one at Millard Fillmore Suburban in Amherst where medical teams work frantically to revive the patient. Often the patient had been revived by the emergency responders with Narcan, a drug that blocks the effects of heroin and reverses an overdose..

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Also, I think such a higher stakes Classic would give in state fans a tremendous annual December focal point, beyond what it is now, and make, say, the absence of Kentucky on IU’s schedule a bit less nettlesome. Plus I think it would be a great primer for all the teams as they finalize preparations for conference play.

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